With DC Co-lab's burgeoning portfolio of surveys, data collection, and data visualization work, we seek to paint a more comprehensive landscape of our community of practice's educational offerings, the quality of our education programs, and whether our services are aligning with the needs of DC public schools.  By measuring reach, engagement, and impact of our collective services, we will be able to fill gaps in arts access in the DC Public Education System and demonstrate the value of arts and humanities education with data-driven strategies.

Collective Impact


Data at-a-Glance

86K DC public and public charter school participations in arts and humanities learning experiences took place in SY19-20

This count was reported by all 74 survey takers and may include repeat participations by students, teachers, chaperones, and administrators

71% of arts and humanities organizations who reported claimed that arts education budgets only represent 0-50% of their total organizational budgets in SY19-20